Who can apply?

Deo Duce helps schools, social enterprises and sport / arts clubs which supplement the educational needs of young people.

Projects should be based within the Harrow area.

What can you apply for?

The Deo Duce Foundation will consider applications for funding for:

  • The purchase of equipment not otherwise funded by an education authority.
  • Support for extra curricular activities, e.g. trips, life skills, workplace preparation.
  • Support for training, e.g. sports or other vocational qualifications.

What Deo Duce Foundation will not fund

  • Support for normal operating costs, or other government funded, curriculum based interventions.
  • An individual need where there is no perceived wider community benefit.
  • Funding for major capital projects dependant on additional fund raising activity (in exceptional circumstances, DDF will consider joint funding with other charitable or commercial enterprises).

How do you apply?

Please send a brief letter initially outlining details of the project for which funding is being sought; to include the following information as far as possible:

a. Name and address of applicant and applicant legal status

b. The purpose of the funding to include the number of expected participants and their age range

c. Total cost of the project and outline budget

d. When funds will be required and whether lump sum or phased

e. Whether other funding has been sought and whether it has been confirmed

f. The benefits to the participants and how success of the programme or project will be measured

g. Any wider benefits to the local community

The trustees will acknowledge the application and advise a timeline for a decision and may request supporting references.

Letters can be sent by email to info@deoducefoundation.org.uk

How will funding be provided?

Funding will be provided in either a single lump sum or phased dependent on the type / quantum of funding requested.

The Trustees will require feedback from participants and stakeholders on the progress and success measurements of the programme / project as a condition of the funding.

Successful applicants will be asked to complete a grant funding agreement.

How much can I apply for?

There is a normal upper limit of £10,000 although the fund will consider supporting larger capital projects in conjunction with other not for profit organisations or helping with bespoke fund raising.