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Deo Duce Foundation is a charitable organisation which aims to further the educational and well-being needs of young people.

All young people deserve to have the same opportunities to fulfil their potential and succeed.

Based in Harrow, Middlesex, Deo Duce Foundation supports local schools, social enterprises and extra curricular clubs in developing young people in the wider Harrow community.

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Much of our work is centred around educational facilities including but not limited to Salvatorian College in Harrow. Our grants help to purchase equipment and fund extra curricular activities outside the scope of normal school budgets.


We support skills development in young people including training in sports, the arts and other activities outside the school curriculum, where there is a benefit to the wider community.


Deo Duce funds initiatives, clubs and social enterprises which support the mental, social and physical well-being of young people in our community.

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