The Deo Duce Foundation was formally established in 2020 as a charitable collaboration between past pupils of the Salvatorian College and Old Salvatorians Football Club.

Our aims are focused around the educational and well-being needs of young people aged typically 25 or under in the Harrow area, and we support a variety of projects to help them achieve their potential.

The Deo Duce Foundation has been established to support:


DDF recognises that education provides the foundation for the future success of young people, but there are times when school budgets do not allow the purchase of equipment or obtain services that would provide motivational insights into the world of work.

Mental health

The negative impact of peer comparison, social media and changes to family situations on the mental well-being of young people, and boys in particular, has been highlighted in recent years. This may become even more evident after the loss of so much education and friendship time due to the Covid-19 lockdown.


Young people need, more than ever, to be able to adapt to a fast-changing world and workplace. Learning does not stop after school and new skills may be needed, especially for those seeking work.

Supporting young people to achieve

The Deo Duce Foundation was established on the premise that all young people deserve the same educational opportunities to fulfil their potential and succeed.

We invite applications for funding from schools, social enterprises and extra curricular clubs including sports and the arts – anything which supports the education, well-being or skills development of young people, which will benefit the local and wider communities in the short and long term.

Meet our trustees

Eddie D 3

Eddy Dempsey

Eddy is a past pupil of the Salvatorian College and has been closely associated with Old Salvatorians Football Club since leaving the college, including as Chair. Since leaving a successful banking career, he has been involved in the development of young people both directly with Salvatorian College and providing life skills training, coaching and mentoring.


Ben Fowler

As School Business Manager at Salvatorian College, Ben provides a valuable link to the school and its current requirements as well as past and present pupils. Ben is also Director of Music of St Joseph’s Parish, and has built up strong links in the community since moving to Harrow in 2016.

Eddie McGillycuddy

Eddie McGillycuddy

Eddie is co-founder and managing director of Hertfordshire-based main contractor Glencar Construction. As a past pupil of Salvatorian College, he has strong links to the local community and is an enthusiastic advocate for the development of the practical skills and confidence needed by young people entering the workplace.


Bridget Outtrim

Bridget Outtrim has lived in North Harrow for many years and has a keen interest in children’s education, supporting the schools to which her children attended and helping to establish the Salvatorian College alumni group. She is currently a director with Savills in its Industry and Logistics team.


Martin Reilly

Martin Reilly is a past pupil of Salvatorian College, which his two sons also attended; he has served on the school PTA as well as being a long-standing member of Old Salvatorians FC. He recently left Keir, having been a Regional Director and has established his own construction services consultancy.


Deo Duce shares its crest and heritage with Salvatorian College and Old Salvatorians FC and we are proud to maintain close links with these organisations.