The Deo Duce Foundation is thrilled to be joining the Young Harrow Foundation’s Build Back Better fund for 2022. With our support, the Build Back Better fund will be opened up to support even more work in Harrow, helping to address the issues raised in the HAY Harrow report.

Young Harrow Foundation CEO Dan Burke sat down with DDF Trustee Eddy Dempsey to talk about the new partnership. You can watch the full interview below.

Young Harrow Foundation is a membership organisation supporting the local voluntary sector to build capacity, increase fundraising opportunities, and to facilitate partnership working in the community.

Over 6,000 local young people took part in the HAY Harrow survey, revealing what it is like growing up in Harrow and what barriers they are facing. The Build Back Better fund is available to support local member organisations in addressing some of these difficulties, including mental health, physical wellbeing, employment prospects, poverty and more.

Applications for the Build Back Better fund are currently open. Check out this page for details:

Eddy Dempsey, Trustee of Deo Duce Foundation:

‘We all have long standing links with Harrow through living there or school and wanted to give something back, to support local young people to fulfill their potential. Young Harrow Foundation has a broad reach, strategic oversight, and contacts with local authorities, local police and more. We want to get this funding to as many people as quickly and effectively as we can. That is why this partnership is so positive.

‘Our big passion is to make young people aware of the pitfalls they may face, but then give them the best opportunity for themselves as they move onto the next phase of their lives. Hopefully this will be a platform for the rest of their lives to achieve everything they possibly can.’

Dan Burke, CEO of Young Harrow Foundation:

‘The Build Back Better fund is a key opportunity for local organisations to enhance what they offer for local young people. This funding gives them the capacity to be more ambitious, reach more children and young people, and make a real difference.

We are really excited to say that this funding is open right now. Take a look at the funding page, read the HAY Harrow report, and see what you can do to be a part of this. We are so excited to read all of the applications that come in and get this funding out to local organisations that can support thousands of young people over the next year.

For any other local businesses or organisations who would like to join as partners, Young Harrow Foundation would love to have a chat. Get in touch via their website:

Published On: May 4, 2022Categories: News