We are delighted to share the incredible impact of the funding provided by Deo Duce Foundation’s at the recent Business Education Events (BEE) ‘BEE a sweet entrepreneur’ event at Salvatorian College.

The event saw a remarkable display of talent, with a group of year 9 students emerging victorious against 24 other teams in a sweet package business challenge. Their dedication, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit shone through, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winning team, ‘Diverso – Tido’, mentored by Troy Norbert, Malcolm, and Bhavini Mahendra.

The prize for this enterprising team includes the delivery of 2kg of their chosen sweets, custom sweet packaging, and their corporate logo printed on labels. In essence, a business has been born, and ‘Diverso – Tido’ is ready to make strides in the market with their innovative sweet packages.

We are immensely proud to have been a part of this impactful event, and we extend our gratitude to everyone who played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the event. Especially past pupils Troy Norbert, James Hemmings and John Geraghty as well as the staff, volunteers and BEE facilitators, Karen, Claire and Amber.

The DDF support has made a meaningful difference, providing these young students with an opportunity to showcase their talent and entrepreneurial potential.

Published On: July 11, 2024Categories: News