Sweet Challenge

Business Volunteers sweet challenge

DDF part funded “The sweet challenge” for Salvatorian Year 10 and 11 pupils. Supported by a team of volunteers, pupils were set into teams of 4/5 and had to establish a business team (CEO, finance, marketing, production) and design a product, identify a target market, cost it, package it, and prepare a pitch – all in the space of 4 hours!

The results were outstanding with the energy and creativity testament to the enthusiasm of the pupils. One teacher advised the participants were “buzzing” for days afterwards. The winning team even tried to directly sell their product to the volunteers! Creativity, team work, leadership, finance and business skills all encompassed in this one session.

Life-skills and workplace programme update

Karen O’Connor of Business Education Events is seen supporting pupils at Salvatorian College in the programme funded by DDF.

The DDF funded life-skills and workplace preparation programme at Salvatorian College is underway and has been well received by staff and pupils, with positive feedback from the business volunteers who have taken part.

Funding agreed for Shaftesbury High Special Needs School

Deo Duce Foundation is pleased to announce that it has agreed funding for the provision of careers and workplace insight, independent living, CV preparation and interview skills, for students at Shaftsbury High Special Needs School. The programme will be delivered by Business Education Events (BEE) and will reach up to 50 students involving up to 25 business volunteers over four months. Provision will be a combination of remote learning and face to face when current restrictions allow.

Shaftsbury High School is a special needs school located in the London Borough of Harrow for students, aged between 11 and 19, with learning, emotional, behavioural, autistic, communication, medical, physical, sensory and social needs.

Careers Leader, Deborah Stone, says “We are grateful for the Deo Duce Foundation for providing us with the opportunity to work with Business Education Events. The challenge for young people with disabilities to find employment has always been a struggle and even more so in this difficult and challenging time. The opportunity to meet with employers and have this bespoke employability skills training, not only strengthens the aspirations and attainment for our students, but helps and supports their journey from school out into the community and beyond.

Business Education Events is a social enterprise providing dynamic, fun and interactive programmes introducing young people to the world of work utilising an extensive network of businesses, business volunteers and professions.